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About Fortunata

When I turned 50, I started to question the meaning of my life

I love the art of writing and expressing words to create meaning.

I wanted to write stories about my observations of life, what I was learning from connections with others, my work, my relationships, to give more meaning to myself and to others. I wanted to express my voice and writing style in my own right and in my own way.

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My blog posts are about identity: what it means to be a woman of second generation Italian background living in Australia. I investigate memories of traditions and make them new again. My stories focus on feminism, health, mindfulness and madness; what it means to live my life with purpose.

As I reinvigorate my work, I seek to bring the written word to life, so others can embody, experience and be motivated to transform and bring meaning to their own life.

It’s a fluid, creative process of letting go and liberation that will bring mindfulness and transformation to you, your loved one and group.

I am also a Master of Ceremony available for events, gatherings and activities.

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Unique Debut Meditation Album by Fortunata Callipari

30 Daily 5-Minute Meditations
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